Salem Jade Regent

Decisions and traveling

On to Karlsguard


brainstorming meeting with sandru ad amiko
amiko wats to go to karlsguard to find the sword and then on to minkai
-will need winter gear to make it to minkai
-need a guide to make it to minkai from karlsguard
track the sword by it’s name
amiko reminds about the letter her grandfather wrote mentioning that agents of the oni tracked their family as far as brinewall.
we will have to pass through the no-lands before reaching karlsguard
no trading opportuntites in the no-lands, but possibly will meet other caravans after reaching the lands of the linorm kings.
we travel north through the last of varysia into the no-lands
- we notice some nolander raiders trailing us for a few days and then they are no longer in sight.
shaelu brings down a couple elk for dinners
as the caravan leaves the no-lands into the lands of the linorm kings kelda tells us we are entering her homeland
I notice one of the ravens following the caravan is much larger than usual, about the size of a small dog. it hovers for a while and then flies off.
Kelda asks if there is anything we need to know about her homeland
- when an ulfan is angry with another they can swear a blood feud against them, the king has decreed you must wait a week for the blood to cool before starting the feud.
large gnomish community, many varky live in the city (from artic area), a few tians there as traders.
we continue toward the bridge sandru mentioned again, as we approach the bridge there are two more caravans we come across, we buy stuff they move on.
we hear sounds coming from below the bridge, ulfan raiders are decending on our caravan. appears to be about 40 of them.
Inititatives – Fighting
cast burning hands
cast magic missle
cast burning hands
cast magic missle
cast magic missle
kelda advises us not to destroy evidence (arm rings bearing sigil of their leige lord)
we pile the bodies back on the boat “viking funeral” and send it down river toward karlsguard
as we draw near the city sandru asks to speak with us
- he says when we reach the city he would like to take the caravan to the bone quarter.
we arrive at the city after a few more days. 35,000 people live in karlsguard.

Thyrie tarnarlsdottir – famous scald, brilliant poet, well known for her use of kennings and undefeating in drinking contests. in the fire quarter

horn quarter is populated by farmers, southern end is home to apiaries (more resilient than regular bees)

ice quarter is the commercial district, inn kelda suggested (owner named tosty finehall) – we secure lodging here, we chat with innkeeper for awhile, he tells us a flaming longship came through town on the river and passed onto the ocean. Ever since some shadowy figures has been askin questions about who killed them.

ivory quarter is home of ulfan merchant houses and guilds, organize expedititions throughout the lands of the linorm kings and up into Tian lands
jade quarter where tian population live, fusion of minkai and other cultures, also where varkys live
oak quarter center of cities woodworking, dry docks
stone quarter, where blacksmiths live, temple to torag.
walls between quarters are used as highways by the cities law and order.

Lots of opportunities for shenanigans.

sword swishen – purchased by prince

the perfumery – archive of curiosities, from all across the lands tian in general proprietor Madam Kai, just have to be respectful and charismatic to be shown everything.

in the stone quarter – many residents are scholars of the ulfan tradition (oral histories) also where the magic items are sold

the temples maintain their own archives – largest is temple to torag

the rheinrunners guild is largest merchant guild in the city they will have records



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