Salem Jade Regent

Final Battle for Brinewall Castle

Dungeoneering, loot & visions


go down into dungeon past the kitchens. several footprints.
kitchen has door that leads off to dining room we already investigated, one leading west swollen shut. other leading down into deeper dungeon area, we go there first (eastern door)
hallway, not a lot of dust, opens after a few feet into a squarish room probably a pantry at some point. heavy oak shevles on the walls, currently house collestion of dead giant centipedes. rummaging among them is the ogre “Slugwart”

at enameled curtains, enameled woman blue skined woman “pharasma” goddess of death, volo guesses we are about to enter a crypt – I cast detct magic – something magical on the other side of iron curtain – concentrate on object, first detect presense of magic, then detect a single moderate aura of magic, not sure what school
the crypt/funeral/temple seems to be in disarray there is a snowglobe floating mists off to one side.
-volo knows there shold be a altar of sorts
looks to be thoroughly looted
as we pass through the iron curtain as a group there is a flash of light near where the altar should be an image of the woman depicted on the curtain appears asking “please put my shrine to rights” there is a space where an altar should be, there is no altar present. the open desecrated sarcophogai are also an afront to the goddess, we begin closing the lids takes bout 30mins to close them all.
we walk to the edge about a 20ft drop, cavern is fairly substantial, the blue lady speaks once more before we head down, she says the amulets we seek are below but protected by pwerful wards, also we cannot go with our armor or weapons.
caleb climbs down the rope, he is standing on a ledge – surrounded by floating lights, very disorienting – another drop ahead more cavern, looks for traps, he continues looking sees possible staglamite/tites, etc. after another 30mins of work we finish the altar etc.
tesara casts detect evil one aura located through the snowglobey area. caleb sees tentacles rising from the cavern below him, the creature is some kind of aberation that floats in the air on bat like wings, looks like an insect, has face tentacles – volo is pretty sure it’s some kind of feind.
unholy blight cast on volo, tesara & tamika – will saves (failed) -20 hitpoints
tesara casts smit evil – shots evil outsider bane arrow CRIT HIT – 42pts of damage
cast magic missle
aaahhhh!!! poisoned tesara
We win!!! Pillage the loot
We found the medallions, to open the vault. Amiko is pleased.
We decide to open the wooden door that was swollen shut. see three washing bins in the walls (laundry room) terrible. purple capped mushrooms? leave it be.
We move onto the vault. Amiko insists on coming with us Calda comes as well.
Caleb & Amiko put the medalions in at the same time open the portcullis – we hav calda stay behind so the portcullis does not close behind us.
we go down a hallway to a room with door to the SW. as we enter the room the dust in the room swirls into the image of a handsome Tien man, his katana held before him. there appears to be a definite family resemblance to Amiko. we push Amiko forward saying “talk to him, talk to him”
the spirit says “grandaughter is that you? I know you” he reaches his arms in anger “ahhhhhhh!” “take the seal away, it is no longer safe here, take it away I am no longer worthy of guarding it” (pointing at a wall) secret door, we direct amiko to open it.
a chamber carved out of the stone, contains 3 identical dark wood chests, as Amiko approaches the central chest opens slightly
detect magic (transmutation, abjuration, some off the charts contains all the schools at once)
Amiko goes to the center chest and pulls out a small contaner in tien style beautifuly made, must be te box mentioned in the letter, looks like it is made out of a reddish hued dark wood engraved on it is a dragon in the eastern style.
Amiko opens the box, and the room blacks out, we experience a vision, followed by another, and another, and another, and another, after they pass we understand them completely, we know amiko is the last surviving heir to the empire. as the visions fade we each have our own visions . . .
our eyes open we are back in brinewall castle each reacting to what we saw.
one of 5 royal seals of Minkai a “Minor artifact” (daily alotment of 5 spells)
see appendices
we check the other chests for traps, do not see any.
1 chest holds ruby staff soft orange wood & short bow eastern style 5ft long
other holds – short blade small blackened through some alchemical process, the baton is short & thick, simple iron shaft with tien characters, amulet is large peridot.
below the items in the chest are scrolls appear to be descriptions of these items.
see appendices
we leave the castle and check on spivy as we leave she comes with us
we return to caravan – sandru is awake, he remembers a voice in his head telling him things he didn’t understand.



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