Salem Jade Regent

Flying & Fighting

Conquering Brinewall Castle


Spivy cast “spell of flight” on me to scout overhead the castle. Can see the courtyard, gatehouse, main keep. . . notice there is a tower on the North end of the keep nestled against the cliff leads down to sea, taller than rest of castle.

creature comes out onto balcony, leaps into the air following me. creature lloks like a woman with wings & bird like claws for feet. (wings are tattered) wild look about her. she flys up toward me but as she get closer she makes a gesture with her arms, does not seem threatening. gestures toward the balcony she came from.

we land on balcony, room inside is lined with bookshelves, a large nest of grass branches, wooden door in wall and flight of stairs leading down, she tries to touch me, i speak to her in common, she has a bow with arrows and a pouch that detect as magic. I allow her to touch me, in my head she speaks to me in my mind, my name is zaiobi, asks if I am one of the adventurers, she tells me her story. she arrived here several months ago, there is a sacred sight in the keep for the demon she has had visions of to complete a mission. she cannot find the site alone, offers to help defeat the shapeshifter but would need an introduction. believes my friends are down the stairs

she leads the way down the stairs to a room with what appears to be a writing desk, and we hear voices down the hall and meet up with my friends. she wants to defeat Kikonu, she suggests an ambush outside.

zaiobi can contact him telepathically. caleb knows she is a harpy.

we agree to set a trap.

we hear a sound of battle down the hall, “let’s check this out”
- we see 2 lizard creatures coming up from below, followed by a teenager with no clothes and a ulfan barbarian woman.
initiatives cast magic missle

we meet morovan (intros all around)
they came from the dungeons below
there are still rooms we have not explored.

we set the ambush in the courtyard, stealth checks
zaiobi will contact him telepathically, she is still a little wiggy to us . . . we wait.
after a while the doors to the great hall open and Kikonu comes out in his human form.
he says “ah zaiobi, I knew you would take me back lover . . .”
she says “yes i couldn’t stay away from you Kikonu . . .” even though we hear her voice her lips werent moving.she shakes her head furiously and flys into the air (the signal to attack)
cast magic missle
kikonu is angry – transforms into red faced creature
cast bungle

continue to clear the upper rooms that are unlocked.
room the corby cleric was heading for.
hold volo back to continue searching the temple area? shrine to Desna, needs reparation. start setting it to rights.
tesara finds a footlocker in a corner – contains stash of magic

nothing of note in library where the nest was.

nw of dining room in what used to be a guard post – battle took place here probably decades ago. stairs in room lead down. walls shreik at us (a haunt – volo takes care of it)

we head downstairs into another room, old tapestrys depicting a seaside castle, the air is musty gashes/slashes to the stone itself. staircase leading back up, one leading down. doors hanging askew on south wall open into small bedroom, all furniture lays in shambles (several scattered papers, letter describing attack on brinewall castle) any senses going on? vibes? atmosphere is a little aprehensive.

start going down staircase into darkness.iron portcullis barring passage, two 5" diameter depressions on either side of portcullis one with depiction of sun other with moon. (dungeoneering check) – need the right amulets to open portcullis
we head back up see in the captains quarter an iron door, leads back to great hall.

head down stairs back to where movo came from. 1st room – mess hall . door to NE lead to kitchen south leads back to dungeon, east hasn’t been back that way, north lead to secret passage to the sea, west door is swollen shut with moisture.

spend night in great hall, get to know one another better. monk flirts with barbarian and amiko. amiko eventually says “thanks but no thanks”
I chat with amiko about sandru, she thinks he is interested but it is complicated. she was in a relationship with his brother and she doesn’t want to say much more, but i get the idea that the relationship with his brother didn’t end well. (she asks me not to mention this to sandru) she believes the vault we want is behind the portculis. she is also wondering if there is some kind of kami sent curse on sandru, why did it happen to him rather than her (with all due respect to sandru, he’s a white person).



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