Salem Jade Regent

Karlsguard & Farm Raiding


Find a sword Suishen & find a guide

Jade quarter – going with tesara to perfumery in search of sword.
– “Ladies welcome, come here let me smell you develop scent profile” “scent will enable you to attract any man that strikes your fancy”
– next to a disreputable butcher shop, front of house looks small like a hole in the wall. crammed full with glass bottles dusty, looks like business is slow.

ask about some bottles “essence of bognuts” we tell her we know a good source who has a large supply of bognuts we can put her in contact with.

she shows us back room – filled with exotic curiosites from across tian lands, tells us many immigrants from tian have to sell items off, porcelain vases, jade figurines, arms & armor. she allows us to detect magic very few items show as slightly magic. most of the curiostites are everyday items very few have writing of significance.

we describe the sword and amikos grandfather to her and she says she was not here 55-60 years ago. but fynn snaevald may know, “he’s been here forever” she tells us his address in the amber quarter – fynn is dealer in amber and whale oil also a collector. she does not know if he would be able to speak with us but we can ask.

we go to fynn snaevald’s house in amber quarter- a common townhome, we knock on door . . . an old man answer’s the door. old man with long white beard, braided into several small braids, crown of white hair like a halo. we explain our search, he invites us in and calls for mead. we sit around the fireplace, his servants bring great glasses of mead for each of us. (tamika takes a small drink)(tamika takes a medium drink)(tamika takes a larger drink)(tamika is sloshed) he guesses suishen and tells us it was stolen a week ago. he doesn’t care about getting it back but wants his honor under laws is able to exact blood vengance but is 91 years old. if we find who stole it and slay them we can keep the sword. we ask about the man who sold suishen to him, he tells us as much as he can remember. as we are leaving he calls us back, upon returning to his home after the theft his dying servant mutters something about “paying the lions due”

we reconveine at the inn – decide to have tamika “sleep it off”; kaleb and moro go to tell sandru and amiko stuff.

the next morning (breakfast included with cost of inn) – kaleb and I go to get sandru and amiko to take them to the jade quarter to visit madame kai
– amiko talks with her about the artifacts, who she got them from, where do they live, etc. it appears many of them fled from minkai away from the “jade regent”’s rule.

we go back to the inn. tesara thinks more about assvig longvuse, he will probably hve several thralls as well as several guards. we decide to go at night, house is easy to see as we approach. it is surrounded by several outbuilings; could be good for a stealth approach; about 200 yards from the house there is a ring of wooden posts surrounding the house, each about 30ft apart.
approaching closer we see glowing lights from within, and hear sounds of celebrations, as we approach the wooden posts they detect as magic summoning
we each hold one of the gold arm bands we found and pass through the ring, the trap goes off and two extra plainer lions are summoned.
cast magic missle
we make it through the posts this time with no problems
the rucus of the fight did not disrupt the party within

- Volo will approach the front door to knock and demand restitution (the honorable path) the rest will stealthly approach.
- Kaleb notices about a mile and a half off on the road a large group is coming with torches etc.
- Volo knocks! We take cover stealthy.
Door opened by Ulfan warrior, there are several more warriors in the room a total of 14 warriors in the main hall. several thralls(slavves) are there as well serving.
Volo asks for Assvig, he comes aa few mins later with a woman (prob his wife) – volo challenges him for wereguild . . . Assvig declares volo bold to challege him in his own home and orders his men to kill him
cast magic missle – deflected by shield
cast scorching ray
cast magic missle
cast magic missle
cast scorching ray
cast magic missle
Helva the witch/wife runs away.
we search the room get the thralls to load all the loot on a wagon and get out of here. – with unconcious tied up warriors and assvig
- tells us Ulf is tied to the funeral barge set to be burned at dawn.
- tells us Assvig took part in the theft of the sword from Fynn.
Wake up Assvig
- begin to interrogate “where is the sword?” he starts to tell and dies! (powerful ki)
- the warrior tells us where the funeral barge is set to launch from (spearshaker point), we could make it there to save Ulf.



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