Salem Jade Regent

On to Brinewall

Caravan troubles, new friends & enemies


heading north out of sandpoint towards lost settlement of brinewall. excitement brews on the caravan. going north along lost coast road, etc. avoiding major towns and trading ports. Sandru – “not to keen on anyone finding out our business.” “frankly our returning to town with all that treasure could have attracted unwanted attention”
the further north we travel the less used the roads become – overgrown only used once per year-ish. upon nearing brinewall the roads become more and more disused people tend to steer clear.

back in brinewall hayday was an easy port to reach northern lands of the linorm kings (nordic country) . . . meet southbound caravan carrying goods from the north.

learn tien language from Amiko – the language she speaks is a dialect of Tien called Tien-men – practice making characters.
Amiko read & re-reads the letter we found attempting to find anything of note.
Sandru appears to be getting worse – sickly. Volo is checking him out. No physical cause found. continue on the caravan. his condition continues to worsen on the 15th day of journey as we turn toward brinewall he slips into unconciousness. he starts babbling every now and then in Tien language (he doesn’t speak tien) “birds that cannot fly” “one treasure two seals” “beware the cuckolded cuckoo”
amiko hasn’t heard of anything like this in all her bardic lore.
inventory sandru’s several magic items (weapons etc.) – none of tien make.
- being controlled by a powerful lawful outsider (a Kami, spirit of the land)
- Amiko has heard of Kami; spirits of a particular place, rules they have to follow layed down by the tien gods, Volo – casts know thy enemy “laws of golden perfection” (limit the direct interaction with mortals) – possessing a mortal should break those laws; a type of spell could work but I don’t know them yet.

making our way to brinewall with amiko – shaeleu takes command of caravan (possibly elven military at some point?)

turn off road toward brinewall; about 100 yards west of track we find old signpost “to brinewall” a trail fades away into undergrowth. must go on foot. damn pony! several hours later trudging through undergorwth we see a ruined village up ahead. above the village on a hill backed by the sea a ruined castle (must be brinewall) large keep/bastion surrounded by a curtain wall, does not look intact, crenalations have collapesed; roof may have fallen in in some places. Village: below castle, several ruined building, looks like a trail leading up to castle frm village, overgrown trails leading into village from different dirctions. possible light house on bluff by sea. maybe ruined port, some old ruined piers on outcropping. closest to us looks like a walled (rod iron decorative/useless) cemetary, from what we can see most buldings in village appear ruined.
all seems quiet besides bird/animal noises.
sweep village on way up to keep: as we approach we do see most of the buildings are in ruined (50+years) overgrown, fallen roofs, etc.
cemetary: strange, it appears well kept, weeded, gravestones are clean, out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the village
detect magic nothing glowing
cemetary gates flanked by goddess desna – in very good condition,
step into cemetary detect evil none apparent
detect undead – none apparent
nothing of note appears clean and well kept – contains 40-50 graves large crypt: contains founder of brinewall – small shrine to desna holding copper bowl holding water detects slightly magic, abjuration
Kaleb drinks water from the bowl – normal tasting, nothing happens. as we talk about removing the bowl we hear a small voice “hey wait, hey wait, leave that alone”
tiny creature flys up on butterfly wings, green hair, rainbow in air floating behind it. from the upper plains – has been taking care of place – she is a Lyrician (kind of azada, chaotic good, divine servant of desna) warning about bowl, turns water into holy water 1x/day – warns about bad guys in the castle; hesitant to meddle with kami, does not think she can do anything to help out friend, possibly could talk to it. make deal to take care of the bad at the castle, and she will help with Sandru if she can and will help if we get hurt as well, her name Spyvi. we bid her farewell on way to castle

go through village on way to keep – glass blowers attracts Amiko’s attention (same floor plan as glass blowers back in sandpoint) was indeed a glassworks, look for completed with makers marks – much like name plates from ships has mark in tien and common (Kaijistu Glassworks) – stories vary about what happend (everyone left, all were killed, etc). contiuing toward the keep very cautious/alert, see smoke rising from keep and other castle buildings
approaching castle gate house – stone structure houses 2 massive wooden gates-closed-don’t see any other ways to enter, no sentinals on curtain walls, checking for other doors (no secret doors) Kaleb – knowledge postern gate? – Kaleb climbing wall attempts successful, top of curtain wall/gatehouse, gives us a hush sign/possible danger sign, peek down through murder hole, see 2 bird creatures, black feathers, raven/crow head, not flying, muscular arms, 1 looks up and sees him!! “Corbis”?

initiatives fighting!!!!
perceptions – victory over gatehouse guards, actions not un-noitced, towers have guards atop them. 1 begins squacking very loudly!! door to stable opens giant spider comes out!! roar!! attacking spider dealing damage to spider another monster comes out one of the dreaded “Eddercaps”? Kaleb hits good!

Great Hall – banners on the walls, thick stone pillars, throne carved to look like castle towers coiled with dragon. seated on it is a Wild-eyed Tien man with long red nose – in front of him stand 4 of the giant bird creatures. Bird creatures appear to be talking, "you took my wings you . . . "
When man on throne notices us he invites us to witness his “latest and greatest masterpiece”
inititatives fighting!!!!
Amiko casts charm person – no affect
guy on throne transforms into creature with bird face wings red scary
Amiko casts unseen servant one of the banners starts moving around like something is tugging on it.
Bad guy casts dimension door WTF he’s gone!!!

walls covered with heralding tapestries, searching room, checking doors (sturdiness?) chairs, throne, not a lot of furnishings in here.

head for cemetary, barring exit are 3 more bird creatures!
initiatives fighting!!!!
paladin shots bow! Hit!



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