Salem Jade Regent

Questioning Gods & Grifting Rhinerunners


we go back to the hotel to rest & regain spells

- night passes uneventfully

In the morning, there are a couple people waiting for us downstairs – one of sandru’s caravan guards – how are things going?
2nd person – pale looking unkempt hhotel clerk – we need to check out immediately the hotel is closing down, the owner was found dead in the river – doesn’t know how he died, no details the guards took the body away.

we gather our gear and head back to the caravan in the bone quarter

amiko is not surprised to discover the oni have a presence in karlsguard

koya has been studying up on the oni and is distrubed by what she finds – the taiamaga tell it’s their passion for material things that draws them to evil – she asks kaleb his opinion – the helm speaks up; koya is not impressed – “helm says where is your respect for your elders koya?”

sandru – suggests looking further into the rheinrunners guild.

spivy – “i can help you find things out, i can ask desna what she thinks!” Commune (yes or no questions) “I can ask 6 questions!” the helm responds “I can also ask 6 questions”

1-Are the rhinerunners&frozen shadows working together? yes
2-Do the rhinerunners&frozen shadows have suishen? yes
3-Is suishen in Karlsguard? no
4-Uksaka and Ulf are they alive? yes
5-Are they within 200’ of each other? no
6-Are there Oni in Karlsguard? yes

7-Are the rhinerunners&frozen shadows work for the Oni? some of them
8-Would it benefit us to raid the rhinerunners guild hall? yes, but we might benefit more diplomatic approach
9-Is anyone in the caravan an agent of the rhinerunners&frozen shadows/Oni?(ask in draconic) no
10-Uksaka and Ulf are they agents of the rhinerunners&frozen shadows?/Oni? no
11-Is suishen on route to Minkai? no
12-Are there decendants or scions of the other royal families of Minkai currently living? no, remnants of their power still exist, ancestral weapons as yet unclaimed

PTB’s must want us to suceed based on their informative powers.

rhinerunner’s guild hall (2 story building near waterfront)
-gain audience with guildhall day manager, takes us to back office close to front room, thick wooden table with chairs to seat all of us. what they have available;
prized recent aquisitions – items lead us to believe they have
= 2 vicous adamantine battleaze, belt of dwarvenkind, horn of blasting, breastplate of command, – real prize is = most awesome sword we’ve ever aquired, a frost brand(3 frost great sword, can put out nonmagical fires and protects weilder from fire)
gossip about karlsguard business scene, complains about the king makes it difficult to sell high powered magic items (if king ever decides to retire several young warriors may come along to buy heavy items)
ask about smaller items – most wonderous items will resize themselves
armor? – do have items for the smaller sized person; items in our secure storage area we do not keep the more powerful items on site, they aquired Snori stone-eyes old great fortress, outside the city.
ravenscrag – needs permission from guildmaster to take us there.

Ravenscrag is about 2 days walk south of Karlsguard in the hills near the craggy hills near the forest. snori had a vision about the time of the gods ending . . .

decide to find a map to ravenscrag – look for a mapmaker in ivory/ice quarter with detailed map of karlsguard area in question, talking with mapmaker he gives us information about the fortress. rest on one of the crags, there is a secret stair?
- as we leave the shop, we notice someone standing in the window of the educational book/scrolls storage across, a sniper shoots at Tamika with a gnome slaying arrow (-16 hitpoints)

when questioned she reveals information
Hekja – a man named jorgon the ax paid her 5,000gp to kill at least one of us. jorgon is a shady underworld figure, one option jorgon suggested for getting rid of us was to poison our food.



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