Salem Jade Regent

To Ravenscrag & Beyond


To Ravenscrag:

scouting . . .

winding staircase up a cliff-face, we go up landing by landing (giant wasp on 4th landing) caleb gets stung and is paralized. we continue to top of cliff (line of bandits along top of cliff) we knock them off and the rest run away.


at top of cliff with door to ravenscrag open in front of us. we can see back along our path all the way to the tree line. we can see the rest of the party advancing (koya, amiko, tessara, moro, spivy{riding on koya’s shoulder})

volo casts a communal “delay poison”

we look into great hall, rows of colums, several doors along the sides, balconies with feasting tables line the walls, 15’ higher balcony at other end of hall, several ravens roosting, all seems quiet (too quiet?).

we wait until the remainder of the party to arrive before going in..

now we are all here sandru says he will take amiko, shaelu, koya and estblish a base camp back nearby to return to rest if needed

spivey will accompany us into ravenscrag.
cast mage armor on moro
we enter the great hall.
swarms of ravens descendd
We win!!

firepits – burning coals and ash about 1’ deep
moro climbs up to the balcony level, the main table has some runic writing we recognize as Scald.

detect magic – walk around concentrating on all the doors and the room.
in some areas my spell is blocked as if by lead. coming from the doors and walls on both levels.

two small rooms on upper level. volo attempts to open (it is locked) caleb comes to pick the lock. (will take him a minute)
moro trys his (its locked) he tries to kick it down.
tessara comes to try and kick it down (shatters)
- room holds cloaks and cold weather clothing, with bails of raw wool. arrow slits.
volo decides to kick the other door fails. caleb tries to kick it, it opens.
- room holds shield, scabbards, 5 chain shirts, 2 suits chainmail, 22 spears, 225 arrows, some magic coming from within one of the chests (greater magical beast slayer arrow), etc.

other door on upper level, not lock.
stairs rise along wall to the north, door in south side of room. (appears to be hewn from the rock itself. room lined with tables and work benches alchemical, large glass case holding what apears to be a human body.messy. lab?, d
detect magic
the paladin smashes open the case, a swarm of demon wasps appears,

down into the dungeon area. we are below ground level of ravenscrag, in the 1st room you can tell it was excavated recently,, not part of the original contruction,

tamika remembers hearing about capital improvement projects at the rhineruneers this project is possibly part of that.

door at other end, we are going to attept to open it, not locked, opens to natural cavern 30’ across 15’ tall, a waterfall comes in from one side, probably is what feeds the stream we saw. a door on opposite wall. a low well next to door chain and winch two barrels full of water (50 gallons each) cask on ledge my door (sealed smells like alcohol) a small aspigulum behind it.

hold up in cavern overnight.

early morning – troll knocks in door – we bluff him and he takes the water he came for and let him go. buying us some time for cleric to do his healing.

we go back to the great hall fight some thugs & werebear in the room where the swarm of demon wasps were, we exit great hall back outside. . .



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