Cassisian Angel


Helgarval can take several forms, although it usually appears as a intricately filigreed winged helm. It can also assume the form of a small human-like angel or a friendly dog.

Like all angels, Helgarval can speak with any creature that has a language, as though using a tongues spell. This ability is always active. Helgarval has a perfect memory and can flawlessly recite conversations it heard hundreds of years ago.

Helgarval can use commune as a spell-like ability once per week (six questions, CL 12th), and may be willing to use this ability on the group’s behalf if asked.


A servant of Desna, Helgarval was summoned to the Material Plane to serve as a familiar but was stranded when its master died. Since that time, the angel has tried to do good deeds in order to gain the notice of its betters and return to its home plane of Elysium. Most recently, Helgarval stumbled upon the doings of the oni of the Five Storms in the Kalsgard area and has spent years quietly observing the oni and their agents and gathering as much information as it could. Learning of Snorri Stone-Eye’s connections with the Rimerunners Guild (and thus with the Frozen Shadows), Helgarval secretly stowed away on the funeral ship, only to find itself trapped belowdecks.

Helgarval revealed itself to the group after they defeated the earth elemental at the shrine of Shelyn in Kalsgard.


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