Lyrakien Azata


Spivey appears as a tiny woman with a lithe form and delicate butterfly wings. She is surrounded by sparkling lights and gentle rainbow arcs.

Despite appearances, Spivey is not a fey creature. She is an outsider native to Elysium, the plane of benevolent chaos.

Spivey can place some useful magic at the party’s disposal if asked:

Commune once per week as a spell-like ability (6 questions, CL 12th).

Lesser restoration once per day.

Remove paralysis once per day.

Fly once per day. Spivey is sometimes able to extend this spell.


Spivey has been stranded on the material plane since her mistress was eaten by “a hungry plant”. She kept the cemetery and shrine to Desna in Brinewall village clean and free of undead. After the party cleared Brinewall Keep, she agreed to tag along with Sandru’s caravan. Spivey is happy-go-lucky and seems to content to see the world in the company of several fellow-worshipers of Desna.


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