Salem Jade Regent

2nd Excursion into Brinestump Marsh
Goblin Village, Shipwrecks & Caves


amiko approaches us we notice she is wearing the hair pin sandru bought
- she asks us if we come accross any more tein culture items to let her know. since they are her people she would like to know more
shaelu congratulates us on our dispatching the goblins.

we decide to go back into the marsh, 1st to the goblin village and then onto the closest shipwrek.

after reaching the goblin village and moving on toward the shipwreck a creature emerges from teh river and attacks us (possible the soggy rive monsetr)
initatives – attacking
upon defeating it – we notice it start to dissolve into a liquid

after a few more hours of travel we reach the shipwrek, we hear see and smell the sea. catch a glimse of the shipwrrek, looks like was driven into swap by a stormsearge – has been burnt out – approx. 60ft long – burning seem odd since we are in a swap.
- go through what remains of ship, nothing really there – kaleb notices something interesting; the ships nameplate in tien and in common the “Kaijitsu Star” (last name of amiko – given to Amiko) take nameplate with us.
- searching futher out, find some charred bones(goblin bones) scattered around.
- unable to determine how old the wreck is.

approching 2nd shipwrek not burnt out like the 1st. on its side – more intact than 1st.
boots squish in the mud as we approach – take a look aeround the ship
- volo sees = a few things all at once – another name plate “Kaijitsu Blossom” take nameplate with us (given to Amiko); several moldy piles of bones in the muck under the nameplate; as you peer at the writing the skeletons begin to rise out of the ground. draw rusty swords (unknown type)
initatives – battle
search remainder of ship, seems to have been mostly cleaned out. does not appear to have been carrying any arms (ballistae, etc).
- make camp for the night

Head toward path on map, come to a clearing with a saggy shack and shed surrounded by pouches feathers etc hung from trees. perception check
- don’t notie anyone or hear anything (possibly the witch we have heard about) – approach door of schack cautiosly – looks like the door has been swollen shut cast detect magic – sense some faint magic inside the hut. knock & no answer – deside to break door down but paladin casts detect evil – feel some kind of evil nearby not very specific.
door kicked open. dark inside hut. sheets of fungus grow on walls all sorts of gords sinew from cieling etc. hear some skittering in the walls (rats?) three doors inside left, right, center – all shut
- center door, broken table stove etc. two doors (left, right) feel like the magic is somewhere in hear. search room – while searching 3 rats come from outside door in 1st entry way. fighting ensues. small creature falls from cieling in 2nd room onto kaleb bites him for damage. rats taken care of. turn to take care of small creature. very fast! cast magic missle creature casts spell (seems to be cause fear on kaleb) tesara crit hits – should be dead but it’s still moving – cast magic missle – it burrows a hole into the wall of shack will be able to move inside the wall. go through door on left into bedroom – wet soggy bed and pile of ruins books in corner, cast detect magic again – creature casts cure light wounds on himself – still in rounds – attempt to kick open door on right; concentrating on my spell = magic seems to be coming from the stove. I walk up to stove cast burning hands 5pts dmg open stove = notice there is a cache
- Loot: (mstrwk dagger & steel scabbard(tamika takes); 2 slightly singed scrolls {false life caster lvl 7}; 33gp)

- after trying open other door. clearly an alchemical laboratory at one time, a human skeleton still lies among ruins – weird stains and crystals grow in room. can tell from titles they are naturalist tomes on creatures transformation (caterpillars to butterflies, etc.)
kaleb checked out shed – nothing of note, mostly rat droppings.

no further incident on way out of swamp. a few more hours brings us to entrance of cavern. 50ft cliff marks edge of marsh, able to decend upon ‘goat path’. at base of cliff a curtain of thick nettle vines conceals cave. Volo casts light on his helmet, going to explore cavern somewhat; see footprints like those at goblin village (skeletons, also looks like they were dragging something).
Kaleb attempts to enter gets stung by nettles becomes sickened we get rid of vines move down fork to the right – opens into cavern with giant wolf spider – fighting ensues.

cast acid splash total miss :-(
cast burning hands singe it but is still standing
cast magic missle
- look around spiders nest nothing found of interest

- make camp in cavern = during Tesara’s watch a large troupe of skeletons come in led by one with chainmail armor on shouts at us “blah blah blah our treasure is for the Kaijitsu alone, I am Tsumatsu face me if you dare blah blah blah”
He advances on Volo and slashes him – other skeletons come toward the rest of us, fighting ensues. defeated!
- Loot: Magical sword Wakizashi (human sized short sword +1 med sized = 1d6 crit 18-20×2 PS dmg); Tien style masterwork chain armor (samurai style)(tesara wears); necklace with bronze key

Perception check on sword – hidden compartment in pummel = mithril scroll tube(volo wants it) 100gp(sell 50gp); scroll inside not magical (letter written in tien characters – given to Amiko) paper has watermark for Brinewall a lost colony somewhere near here;

The cave extends back anoter 200ft, cavern room with 5ft deep pool of dark water with crystals protruding (no value)
Volo casts light on rock and throws it into the pool, it does not sink to bottom and begins to rise toward us out of pool comes an ooze like creature (Giant Ameba) no bigger than a halfling defeated.
- Loot: collected 3 rock crystals possibly sell for 10gp (sold 30gp)

2nd cavern full of skeleton footprints – a few more skeletons wearing Tien armor, through that room and further back come to anothe cavern, open room more skeletal tracks, fairly bare but for a large jade/cherry wood chest(250gp)!!! I shout “the key, the key!!” cast detect magic – abjjuration, divination, transmutation – large cherry wood panels made to hold objects
- Loot: 4 skyrockets(sold all 6 we have for 150gp); magic ring(transmutation-ring of climbing +5 on checks-kaleb takes); magic wand(divination-10 charges identify magic item); mstrk chain shirt(volo takes it); mstrk cold iron wakizashi(sold for 165gp); several potions (5=cure light wounds; 2=cure moderate wounds; 3=lesser restoration); coins total 1560gp;

Head back to Sandpoint to the Rusty Dragon tavern; owned by Amiko (sense there is a back story to the purchase of the tavern) as we walk in all the patrons turn and gape at us. Amiko looks up and says “whoa”, all our other friends are there as well. Drinks on the house!!

We relate our adventures. Ask Amiko about Brinewall: lost colony . . . show her the Tien scroll, she begins to translate into common. passes us a copy. letter is from her grandfather to her father, regarding family secrets. she ask sandru to accompany her to Brinewall to discover her family secrets.

Brinewall is 500 miles north; if everything goes well it may take 2 weeks or more if we encounter troubles. people say Brinewall is haunted; most caravans try to avoid it. Sandru takes a look at it “this is not a forged watermark . . . not that i know anything about such things”
Koya declares she is going with them!
Shaeleu says – “Why don’t you tell how you came to own this tavern?”
Koya attempts to smooth over argument – does a reading with harrowdeck for everyone – Kaleb asks what the cards have for him – Tesara asks what the cards have for her as well – does reading for Tamika as well: winged serpent – picture of a snake with wings (not dragon persay) represents wish fulfillment – Sandru “all right do me!!” the snake bite = bad luck in the future “damn it!!” not necesarily in business – Amiko declines – Shaeleu; the survivor, can also represent loneliness.

Shaeleu asks for a word – She is worried about Amiko & Sandru (asks me to find out whats going on between them) – NO SPELLCASTING – wants to protect Amiko – doesn’t believe the relationship is a safe one.


Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 733
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 733


The party of guards associated with Sandru Vhiski’s caravan recently returned to Sandpoint with a massive chest full of Tian treasures. Sources report that the cache has something to do with local notable Ameiko Kaijitsu’s family. Further bulletins as events warrant.

Up to the minute news by Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 732
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 732


Local caravan owner/operator Sandru Vhiski reports that, operating under his authority, his caravan guards have defeated the notorious Chief Gutwad and scattered the Licktoad Goblin tribe.

Interviewed by the Variety’s intrepid reporters on the Lost Coast Road south of Sandpoint, Vhiski stated, "Sandpoint’s citizens can rest easy now that I’ve got this collection of goblin ears! Remember that only one caravan offers freedom from goblins and freedom from needless markups: Sandru’s . . . um, I need to come up with a better name . . . “Sandru’s Traveling Emporium?”

Yet it remains to be seen whether this act of undoubted heroism will improve Vhiski’s reputation locally, which has long been tarnished by his family’s alleged ties to the Sczarni, an alleged organized crime syndicate.

By I said “alleged”, please don’t firebomb my office, Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 731
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 731


Sources report that local noble family scion Ameiko Kaijitsu has inked a deal to bring a caravan of arms and supplies to Sandpoint. Kaijitsu says her negotiating involved “meeting them halfway.”

By savvy business-gnome Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 730
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 730


The Soggy River Monster has been seen again, this time by a fisherman along the New Fish Trail in Brinestump. The fisherman says the creature has a huge mouth and legs that bend backwards like a dog’s. It was devouring a dead goblin on the other side of the river, which is how the fisherman managed to escape. As the fisherman was alone at the time of the sighting, the Variety has not been able to independently verify the existence of the Soggy River Monster.

By hard-nosed interviewer Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 729
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 729


With the city militia unable to patrol the trackless expanse of Brinestump, Sheriff Belor Hemlock has announced the restoration of Sandpoint’s old “goblin bounty.” The town will pay 10 gp for every fresh goblin ear delivered to the town hall — with an additional reward of 300 gp for the group that brings in the head of the Licktoad Tribe’s leader, Chief Gutwad!

Regular readers of the Daily Variety will recall that the bounty was suspended several years ago after the unfortunate drowning deaths of several too-young adventurers looking for goblins along the coast.

By legendary news-gnome Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 728
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 728


The self-appointed “Warden of Brinestump”, Walthus Proudstump, was seen in town last week buying milk to feed his snake hatchlings! “Yup,” our anonymous source reports, “He coddles them just like my niece coddles her pet rabbit Fluffles. Takes a special kind of weirdo to keep snakes as pets, if you ask me.”

By the Queen of Gnomish Media, Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 727
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 727


Some travelers coming from up coast say they saw a dragon – a big black one – flying above central Mosswood. This reporter hopes they were drunk! We definitely don’t need a dragon anywhere close to town.

By the broad behind the broadsheet, Jana Riverweed.

Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 726
Sandpoint Daily Variety Vol. 726


Just last night, another round of colorful explosions burst over the Brinestump Marsh south of Sandpoint. The Licktoad Goblins have somehow managed to arm themselves with a considerable supply of fireworks and are putting the FLASH in NEWSFLASH! Some folks say they’ve even learned how to make them, and that they’re getting ready to set Sandpoint ablaze! This reporter remains unconvinced.

Several merchant caravans and travelers have been attacked by goblins recently. According to victims, the damage caused by horses panicking at the sight and sound of the fireworks is as destructive as the goblins themselves. As only Sandpointers and other Lost Coasters have been hit so far, Mayor Deverin and High Priest Zantus have been unable to convince Magnimar to send assistance.

By the gnome with all the gossip, Jana Riverweed.


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