Crown of the World

Covered in glacial ice, the landmass sits atop the world and serves as a passage from Tian Xia to Avistan (the continent that includes Varisia and the Lands of the Linnorm Kings). Traders and explorers frequently brave the harsh cold to reach the other side of the world via this, the shortest route. Despite its reputation as a frozen wasteland, the Crown hosts a vast expanse of rivers, mountains, wetlands, forests, and other biomes.

Despite its inhospitable conditions, the Crown of the World contains numerous thriving cultures, most notably the Erutaki humans and Snowcaster elves. Most of the Crown’s people live in isolated communities or tribal confederations. Monsters such as white dragons, frost giants, wendigos, and remorhazes also inhabit the frigid continent.

Ulf Gormundr’s Arctic Hazard Glossary

Blackfrost – Ice infused with magic energy that bubbles to the surface in pools of sludge and slurry. May be the from the magic of the ancient race that built the eerie city at the north pole.

Bonechill – A disease contracted by those that have suffered frostbite.

Cannibals – Isolated and desperate humans have been known to turn cannibal and prey on travelers.

Cold – Venturing away from the caravan exposes travelers to frostbite, hypothermia, and worse.

Elementals – Natural portals to the Elemental Planes of Air and Water exist in the Boreal Expanse.

Erutaki – Catchall term for tribes of semi-nomadic humans. Similar to real-world arctic cultures like the Inuit.

Frost Worm – Huge worms whose bodies generate cold.

Glacial Rifts – Sometimes as deep as 1000 ft. and often concealed in snow and ice. “I heard of a wizard who jumped into one after casting the feather fall spell. The spell ended while he was only halfway down. Splat!”

Howl of the North – Madness resulting from long polar nights and disorientation.

Mirages – Can divert caravans from their course.

Mozorkos – Incredibly intense blizzards that seem to deliberately seek out travelers in the Boreal Expanse.

Remorhaz – Immense centipede-like beast that swallows travelers whole.

Yeti – Mysterious humanoids as white as the snow and as large as bears.

Crown of the World

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