Kalsgard Geography


Kalsgard’s city walls have expanded outward many times over the centuries, resulting in a network of city quarters clearly divided by sections of wall.

Amber Quarter: Hub of manufacturing and production. The biggest industries are jewelry and metalworking.

Bone Quarter: The poorest part of the city. Varisian caravans are required to stay in the Bone Quarter. Notable locations include a burned-out temple to Erastil.

Fire Quarter: The entertainment district, offering wrestling halls, athletic courts, pubs, taverns, and brothels. Notable locations include the House of the Deep-Minded (a gaming hall where patrons play a game called hnefatafl, which is sort of like a “tower defense” version of chess), the Grim Harvest (a death-themed tavern with drinking cups made from human skulls), the Whistling Fox (a tavern where brilliant skald Thyrie Tarnralsdottir often performs), and the Hall of Splendid Valor (the finest brothel in the city).

Horn Quarter: The residence of many farmers and laborers who work the fields outside the city. Home to a series of apiaries that cultivate a hardy breed of honeybee.

Ice Quarter: A commercial district. Notable locations include temples to Gorum and Desna, the milestone marking the original center of the city, and the Hunting Serpent Inn, which offers extremely reasonable prices to adventurers.

Ivory Quarter: A commercial district that houses many guildhalls and trading consortia, including the Seven Lands Group, the Sunrise Seekers, and the Icecrown Union.

Jade Quarter: This quarter houses Tian immigrants and a sizable Varki population. Notable locations include Madam K’s Perfumery. The Rimerunner’s Guildhall is located on the waterfront here, rather than in the nearby Ivory Quarter.

Oak Quarter: An industrial district housing the city’s lumber industry and extensive shipyards.

Stone Quarter: This quarter houses stoneworkers, blacksmiths, and a massive temple of Torag that is shaped like a warhammer. Many lawspeakers (sages who study the oral history and traditions of the Ulfen people) live in this quarter.

Kalsgard Geography

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