Salem Jade Regent

Ravenscrag Take 3
Storming the dungeon


heading back to base camp to rest and restock items. retreive the body of the large raven. (volo wants to bury it)

(crafting? need to get parts)

Ulf, suishen, uksaka, unaccounted for. Must rescue!

We go back up to the cliff and to the alchemists labratory and down to the dungeon.
- recalling the general layout of dungeon we have observed so far.
- going through the water room through the door at the other end.
two large barrels with water, small cask of sake, we took holy water sprinkler.
kaleb previously checked door for traps it was locked
mage armor 2x on myself & moro
kaleb disable device – unlocks the door.
smaller chamber from solid rock, another well in this room. does not seem to be any winch, chain or bucket – just a hole in the floor. – in corner there is a pile of various wooden debris, remants.
as we open the door and stick our heads into the room a flash of light comes from the opening in the well.
kaleb cautiously steps into the room the shadows above him appear to be moving.
creatures cannot be to large only a few feet in size.
cast light on a pebble and hold it out to Moro.
kaleb slings up at it, it does not hit.
Moro throws the light rock into the room. sees four creatures look like stingrays with tentacles
down the well – SUISHEN!!!! We retreive the sword!
“It talks!!”
“It has been holding it’s silence for 50+ years”
Gives us several bits of information.
The sword tells us about himself
- “I am a Katana”
- “Ancestral blade of the Amatsu family”
- "Serve as advisor, spiritual guide
“I’m a potent magic item
- burst into flame
- deflect foes blades
- can detect amatsu scions
- extremely powerful personality
- can domineer most mortals, as long as you do not prove unworthy he will not try to take control of you
- What he likes best is drawing the blood of the Oni.
- do not fear the heat of the desert or the cold of the artice
- 3x day daylight
- enable wielder to walk on air
Use “Identify” wand

head back to the path with the plank over the stream and a bell
- stream is about 7’ deep 9’ across
- Moro jumps across the stream and maneuvers the plank into position for us to cross
- we cross the stream easily

continuing down the passage, the temperature increases, we come to a room that looks like a coal cellar, a coal furnace burns in the far corner. 3 beds on te floor by the fire.
skeletal remains are
standing amongst the bedding are the 2 trolls we saw getting water.
BLUFF – trolls run out to protect the Keep!
we search the room – 50 amethysts

continue down the hallway to a door, looks like a heavy door made of teak wood.
Kaleb checks door for traps, locks
- no traps, it is locked, easier to pick than breakdown,
- unlocks the door
Kaleb opens the door,
into a grand chamber, teak panelling lines the floor and walls,
room lined with columns, banners written in tien, combat proverbs relevant to ninja,
Surprise round!!
4 Ninjas hiding in the rafters
cover from rafters, concealment from shadows, to Ulfan to Tian,
-throw thunderstones at moro and kaleb,
Deafened for 1 hour
20% miscast with verbal elements
Boss Ninja
“Loot the Bodies!!”
Search behind each of the doors!
- most doors open into cells, and small shrines dedicated to tien deity of assasins.
- under the mat in one cell is a Jade statuete (50gp)
Door where boss ninja came from
- contains painted screen bearing clouds and mountains (200 gp art object)
- small leather trunk behind screen – traps? = no traps; find a few things in trunk; peasants clothing, ornamental blow gun (100gp art object); “Fake writ from Linorm King giving bearer authority”
- the last cell appears unoccupied
- secret door in south wall-reveals corridor carved from stone rock-Kaleb notes the corridor is of newer construction leads to some stairs going down.
leads to another corridor and a small room occupied by 6 Zombies
killed zombies
opened small door off room,
“Who disturbs Gotti Runecaster?!”
We knock him unconcious and tie him up for questioning.
- Where are Ulf and Uksaka
- He works with thorborg Silverskorr, he is her arcane advisor.
- she is further down the hall.
- what was he summoning?
- tie him up bound and gagged blindfolded

leave the room, secret door in opposite wall
trap set off – flame strike – reflex save 1/2
trove of valuables
chests overflow with gold & silver ornaments, cold, etc,
lots of goodies
bins & stacks
a whiff of smoke from a huge chest at end of room
inside – limbs of humanoids alchemical compound in bottom giving off cold stuff.
little magic – one chest in corner of room emenates some magic
- 2 potions cure light wounds
- +1 longsword
Lots & lots of Money!!
3 chests (50lbs each) worth 2100 gp each
5 crates 100 copper trade bars (5gp each) 10lbs each
1 crate 20 silver trade bars (50gp each) 10lbs each
Come back to get this after clearing remainder of dungeon

Ravenscrag Take 2
2nd trek into the Crag


We exit ravenscrag without further problems. go back to base camp to rest and get prepared.

when we get back to base camp – shaeleu saw Kelda on the road and brought her back to base camp, tells us her family farm was torched by men in black pajamas (ninjas). “word around town is we were headed this way”

while we are resting shaeleu reports a pair of trolls and a couple humans walking along the road to ravenscrag. looked like they knew where they were going. they will be ahead of us when we go back to ravenscrag. there were only 2 trolls and 2 humans. finish rest without news of the trolls.

cast mage armor on moro and myself

we return to ravenscrag. we make it up the stairs. the doors are closed and there are trolls guarding the door outside.
we win!!

Door to great hall is closed, remnants of heavy wooden bar chopped up on other side of door (kaleb did this).
we open the door easily. – many doors on either side of room and balcony above (cloak room & armory up on balcony level.)
3 doors on either side of room. stairs leading up to alchemical labratory.

1st left door – guard room, empty save broken piles of rock and ruble.
2nd left door – numerous bed frames, does not appear to have been used recently can house as many as 12.
3rd left door – another barracks, numerous beds, several personal items scattered around. on shelf on west wall there are 8 jade raven statuetes.door leading to south in this room. did not see this from great hall.
(south facing door) – opens to crammed corridor leading north under great hall used as a closet of some sort (portable forge, smiths tools) a another door leading into another room at other end appears to be a food pantry can feed 40 people for about a month. door back into great hall from this room facing the barracks door we entered.
2nd right door – another barracks 10 sleeping pallets, much neater, iron trap door in the floor near the east wall. (trap door – appears to be a coal shoot, very cramped if we tried to go down it. – only about 1’ wide)
1st right door – another guard room.

head back to alchemist lab – scorched all out. stairs lead up from that room – there is a secret door in this wall (shaeleu points out). sandru “i loose keys alot” opens the door.
- a crammed cell dug out into side of mountain. clothing looks like that of a merchant. volo guesses has been dead for a few days, not able to tell cause of death. search the body, find documents determine he is Lute Hagersly, recently elected to the rhinerunner’s guild shareholders. the rest of the cell nothing of value.

we head up the stairs, we arrive at a dark landing only lit by the light above, a steep narrow spiral stair rises 20ft above. beyond the landing we cannot make anything else out. looks like to another landing and a door in ceiling with light spilling out of it. shaeleu says looks like the tower is incomplete. no secret doors we can see.
up to the next landing, equally dark. above we see daylight spilling from room up next 20ft of stairs.

Moro heads up stairs into room about 20ft square – windows open to elements make room cool, fireplace, 6 cots around, a cuple other doors open to the north. wooden ladder to trap door in ceiling. high above the long haul atop theh towwer.
shaeleu says “wait I hear something”
initiatives – Tengu Ninja appears next to Moro!
more ninjas! 3 ninjas! they die!!
- moro and amiko are taking con dmg –
ok they dead!
in the 2 doors are a raven’s nest for a large raven . . .
- no wizard’s familiar can cast the type of spells this had.
- no indication it was a shapeshifter.

To Ravenscrag & Beyond


To Ravenscrag:

scouting . . .

winding staircase up a cliff-face, we go up landing by landing (giant wasp on 4th landing) caleb gets stung and is paralized. we continue to top of cliff (line of bandits along top of cliff) we knock them off and the rest run away.


at top of cliff with door to ravenscrag open in front of us. we can see back along our path all the way to the tree line. we can see the rest of the party advancing (koya, amiko, tessara, moro, spivy{riding on koya’s shoulder})

volo casts a communal “delay poison”

we look into great hall, rows of colums, several doors along the sides, balconies with feasting tables line the walls, 15’ higher balcony at other end of hall, several ravens roosting, all seems quiet (too quiet?).

we wait until the remainder of the party to arrive before going in..

now we are all here sandru says he will take amiko, shaelu, koya and estblish a base camp back nearby to return to rest if needed

spivey will accompany us into ravenscrag.
cast mage armor on moro
we enter the great hall.
swarms of ravens descendd
We win!!

firepits – burning coals and ash about 1’ deep
moro climbs up to the balcony level, the main table has some runic writing we recognize as Scald.

detect magic – walk around concentrating on all the doors and the room.
in some areas my spell is blocked as if by lead. coming from the doors and walls on both levels.

two small rooms on upper level. volo attempts to open (it is locked) caleb comes to pick the lock. (will take him a minute)
moro trys his (its locked) he tries to kick it down.
tessara comes to try and kick it down (shatters)
- room holds cloaks and cold weather clothing, with bails of raw wool. arrow slits.
volo decides to kick the other door fails. caleb tries to kick it, it opens.
- room holds shield, scabbards, 5 chain shirts, 2 suits chainmail, 22 spears, 225 arrows, some magic coming from within one of the chests (greater magical beast slayer arrow), etc.

other door on upper level, not lock.
stairs rise along wall to the north, door in south side of room. (appears to be hewn from the rock itself. room lined with tables and work benches alchemical, large glass case holding what apears to be a human body.messy. lab?, d
detect magic
the paladin smashes open the case, a swarm of demon wasps appears,

down into the dungeon area. we are below ground level of ravenscrag, in the 1st room you can tell it was excavated recently,, not part of the original contruction,

tamika remembers hearing about capital improvement projects at the rhineruneers this project is possibly part of that.

door at other end, we are going to attept to open it, not locked, opens to natural cavern 30’ across 15’ tall, a waterfall comes in from one side, probably is what feeds the stream we saw. a door on opposite wall. a low well next to door chain and winch two barrels full of water (50 gallons each) cask on ledge my door (sealed smells like alcohol) a small aspigulum behind it.

hold up in cavern overnight.

early morning – troll knocks in door – we bluff him and he takes the water he came for and let him go. buying us some time for cleric to do his healing.

we go back to the great hall fight some thugs & werebear in the room where the swarm of demon wasps were, we exit great hall back outside. . .

Questioning Gods & Grifting Rhinerunners


we go back to the hotel to rest & regain spells

- night passes uneventfully

In the morning, there are a couple people waiting for us downstairs – one of sandru’s caravan guards – how are things going?
2nd person – pale looking unkempt hhotel clerk – we need to check out immediately the hotel is closing down, the owner was found dead in the river – doesn’t know how he died, no details the guards took the body away.

we gather our gear and head back to the caravan in the bone quarter

amiko is not surprised to discover the oni have a presence in karlsguard

koya has been studying up on the oni and is distrubed by what she finds – the taiamaga tell it’s their passion for material things that draws them to evil – she asks kaleb his opinion – the helm speaks up; koya is not impressed – “helm says where is your respect for your elders koya?”

sandru – suggests looking further into the rheinrunners guild.

spivy – “i can help you find things out, i can ask desna what she thinks!” Commune (yes or no questions) “I can ask 6 questions!” the helm responds “I can also ask 6 questions”

1-Are the rhinerunners&frozen shadows working together? yes
2-Do the rhinerunners&frozen shadows have suishen? yes
3-Is suishen in Karlsguard? no
4-Uksaka and Ulf are they alive? yes
5-Are they within 200’ of each other? no
6-Are there Oni in Karlsguard? yes

7-Are the rhinerunners&frozen shadows work for the Oni? some of them
8-Would it benefit us to raid the rhinerunners guild hall? yes, but we might benefit more diplomatic approach
9-Is anyone in the caravan an agent of the rhinerunners&frozen shadows/Oni?(ask in draconic) no
10-Uksaka and Ulf are they agents of the rhinerunners&frozen shadows?/Oni? no
11-Is suishen on route to Minkai? no
12-Are there decendants or scions of the other royal families of Minkai currently living? no, remnants of their power still exist, ancestral weapons as yet unclaimed

PTB’s must want us to suceed based on their informative powers.

rhinerunner’s guild hall (2 story building near waterfront)
-gain audience with guildhall day manager, takes us to back office close to front room, thick wooden table with chairs to seat all of us. what they have available;
prized recent aquisitions – items lead us to believe they have
= 2 vicous adamantine battleaze, belt of dwarvenkind, horn of blasting, breastplate of command, – real prize is = most awesome sword we’ve ever aquired, a frost brand(3 frost great sword, can put out nonmagical fires and protects weilder from fire)
gossip about karlsguard business scene, complains about the king makes it difficult to sell high powered magic items (if king ever decides to retire several young warriors may come along to buy heavy items)
ask about smaller items – most wonderous items will resize themselves
armor? – do have items for the smaller sized person; items in our secure storage area we do not keep the more powerful items on site, they aquired Snori stone-eyes old great fortress, outside the city.
ravenscrag – needs permission from guildmaster to take us there.

Ravenscrag is about 2 days walk south of Karlsguard in the hills near the craggy hills near the forest. snori had a vision about the time of the gods ending . . .

decide to find a map to ravenscrag – look for a mapmaker in ivory/ice quarter with detailed map of karlsguard area in question, talking with mapmaker he gives us information about the fortress. rest on one of the crags, there is a secret stair?
- as we leave the shop, we notice someone standing in the window of the educational book/scrolls storage across, a sniper shoots at Tamika with a gnome slaying arrow (-16 hitpoints)

when questioned she reveals information
Hekja – a man named jorgon the ax paid her 5,000gp to kill at least one of us. jorgon is a shady underworld figure, one option jorgon suggested for getting rid of us was to poison our food.

Boarding Parties & Meeting Angels


we take the wagons from the farm avoiding the party on the road heading toward farm and make for spear-shaker point.

cutting across country in a wagon at night, we have to slow to maneuver around obstacles. we see a camoflagued warrior rising from the bush.
- we recognize her as uksaka; she led us to the farm in the first place.
- she tells us assvigs warriors are running around like crazy people. “what happened on the raid” she informs us the funeral will be postponed due to weather (her father’s sister was a wind whisperer and some of the gift has come to her)
we near the point, and a thick fog is rolling in as Uksaka said.
- we overhear plans to post guards on the ship
Uksaka can show us how to use kayaks and sneak aboard after the boat is launched.
we stay near the boat but will wait for nightfall – we send kaleb to see what is going on. there are about 3 dozen warriors, some working on a platform on deck, also stking a large pile of wood.
we meet Uksaka at the agreed point, the fog should start to lift soon, the boat will pass this point and we can sneak aboard (gives each of us a clay token with a songbird on it – once we rescue Ulf we can give the token to the priest at the temple of shelen and he will take us to the safe house uksaka sets up in town)
we set off in the boats
kaleb notices something in the water, and a huge shark-eating crab comes up out of the water,
cast magic missle
run away scardy crab!!
we get to the long ship and board. – deck is empty except for a shrouded figure in front of mast surrounded by stacked wood. leather sack atop of a lamp oil filled urn. we remove the leather sack to stop the fire from starting. kaleb opens hatch, and climbs down
detect magic – getting a read on something down below with aura of divination
kaleb – hps down into the hold, cramped space occupied by treasure and rowig benches, hears a faint moaning. (anyone med size or larger will be squeezed) – creature encrusted by barnacles with an eye patch – snori stone-eye – cursed. funeral was not voluntary.
we defeat him gettingall items of value
ninjas board the ship
cast magic missle
escape burning ship
very little leads to go on.
- jade statues taken from ninjas
- suishen? Ulf? were both in the possesion of assvig – need to retrace steps?

Requestion the warriors we have in custody.
- they don’t know a lot. what about Assvig’s sons?
- they tell us the boat that raided our caravan was not stolen it was rented.
- tells us the jade/raven is the symbol of a local theives guild (frozen shadows)

Go to priest at temple of shelen – in the fire quarter
we deliver assvigs platinum armband to Fynn Snaevald to fulfill his blood vengance. he is ecstatic. he is surprised assvig didn’t have the sword. he doesn’t know where to find the theives guild.
- as we leave we are accosted by an Ulfan warrior with a white beard. “you killed by dog, my best hunting dog, I demand weirguild, 50gp” – Gorvald timberson
- “I swear a blood fued against you”
cast dancing lights
we finally knock him unconcious. take him with us temple to get directions to the safe house.
as we round the corner to get to the shrine, we hear the crash of tumbling masonry, the shrine we are going to tumbles into the street. as we get nearer the shrine we see the collapse was not accidental.
tamika sees the raven with red feathers on the roof of a building accross the way.
earth elemental is what is destroying the temple, we defeat it
- the winged helmet claps and talks to me – its an angel!! it will give us what aid it can. it flutters into the temple, and we can continue to speak inside. we compare notes with the priest and the angel helmet.
- the priests name is Yin Po, the elemental appeared moments before we arrived.
- the helm’s name Helgarval, servant of Desna, stranded here when it’s master died, trying to do good deeds to hopefully return to elysium, was drawn here due to the goings on of the frozen shadows guild.

- Gotti Runecaster (the raven is the familiar of him)-he possibly works for frozen shadows
- local spellcaster (appears to be a young woman/head of rhinerunners guild)

We show the priest the clay tokens he takes us behind the temple to an alley, and leads us to a secret door, but says “this isn’t right, this door has been opened” we walk down into the cellar but Uksaka is no where to be seen. she has been abducted by unknown agents.

large black feather seen (much larger than the red feathered raven we saw before), blow gun dart appears to be dipped in poison (not sure what kind),

Karlsguard & Farm Raiding


Find a sword Suishen & find a guide

Jade quarter – going with tesara to perfumery in search of sword.
– “Ladies welcome, come here let me smell you develop scent profile” “scent will enable you to attract any man that strikes your fancy”
– next to a disreputable butcher shop, front of house looks small like a hole in the wall. crammed full with glass bottles dusty, looks like business is slow.

ask about some bottles “essence of bognuts” we tell her we know a good source who has a large supply of bognuts we can put her in contact with.

she shows us back room – filled with exotic curiosites from across tian lands, tells us many immigrants from tian have to sell items off, porcelain vases, jade figurines, arms & armor. she allows us to detect magic very few items show as slightly magic. most of the curiostites are everyday items very few have writing of significance.

we describe the sword and amikos grandfather to her and she says she was not here 55-60 years ago. but fynn snaevald may know, “he’s been here forever” she tells us his address in the amber quarter – fynn is dealer in amber and whale oil also a collector. she does not know if he would be able to speak with us but we can ask.

we go to fynn snaevald’s house in amber quarter- a common townhome, we knock on door . . . an old man answer’s the door. old man with long white beard, braided into several small braids, crown of white hair like a halo. we explain our search, he invites us in and calls for mead. we sit around the fireplace, his servants bring great glasses of mead for each of us. (tamika takes a small drink)(tamika takes a medium drink)(tamika takes a larger drink)(tamika is sloshed) he guesses suishen and tells us it was stolen a week ago. he doesn’t care about getting it back but wants his honor under laws is able to exact blood vengance but is 91 years old. if we find who stole it and slay them we can keep the sword. we ask about the man who sold suishen to him, he tells us as much as he can remember. as we are leaving he calls us back, upon returning to his home after the theft his dying servant mutters something about “paying the lions due”

we reconveine at the inn – decide to have tamika “sleep it off”; kaleb and moro go to tell sandru and amiko stuff.

the next morning (breakfast included with cost of inn) – kaleb and I go to get sandru and amiko to take them to the jade quarter to visit madame kai
– amiko talks with her about the artifacts, who she got them from, where do they live, etc. it appears many of them fled from minkai away from the “jade regent”’s rule.

we go back to the inn. tesara thinks more about assvig longvuse, he will probably hve several thralls as well as several guards. we decide to go at night, house is easy to see as we approach. it is surrounded by several outbuilings; could be good for a stealth approach; about 200 yards from the house there is a ring of wooden posts surrounding the house, each about 30ft apart.
approaching closer we see glowing lights from within, and hear sounds of celebrations, as we approach the wooden posts they detect as magic summoning
we each hold one of the gold arm bands we found and pass through the ring, the trap goes off and two extra plainer lions are summoned.
cast magic missle
we make it through the posts this time with no problems
the rucus of the fight did not disrupt the party within

- Volo will approach the front door to knock and demand restitution (the honorable path) the rest will stealthly approach.
- Kaleb notices about a mile and a half off on the road a large group is coming with torches etc.
- Volo knocks! We take cover stealthy.
Door opened by Ulfan warrior, there are several more warriors in the room a total of 14 warriors in the main hall. several thralls(slavves) are there as well serving.
Volo asks for Assvig, he comes aa few mins later with a woman (prob his wife) – volo challenges him for wereguild . . . Assvig declares volo bold to challege him in his own home and orders his men to kill him
cast magic missle – deflected by shield
cast scorching ray
cast magic missle
cast magic missle
cast scorching ray
cast magic missle
Helva the witch/wife runs away.
we search the room get the thralls to load all the loot on a wagon and get out of here. – with unconcious tied up warriors and assvig
- tells us Ulf is tied to the funeral barge set to be burned at dawn.
- tells us Assvig took part in the theft of the sword from Fynn.
Wake up Assvig
- begin to interrogate “where is the sword?” he starts to tell and dies! (powerful ki)
- the warrior tells us where the funeral barge is set to launch from (spearshaker point), we could make it there to save Ulf.

Decisions and traveling
On to Karlsguard


brainstorming meeting with sandru ad amiko
amiko wats to go to karlsguard to find the sword and then on to minkai
-will need winter gear to make it to minkai
-need a guide to make it to minkai from karlsguard
track the sword by it’s name
amiko reminds about the letter her grandfather wrote mentioning that agents of the oni tracked their family as far as brinewall.
we will have to pass through the no-lands before reaching karlsguard
no trading opportuntites in the no-lands, but possibly will meet other caravans after reaching the lands of the linorm kings.
we travel north through the last of varysia into the no-lands
- we notice some nolander raiders trailing us for a few days and then they are no longer in sight.
shaelu brings down a couple elk for dinners
as the caravan leaves the no-lands into the lands of the linorm kings kelda tells us we are entering her homeland
I notice one of the ravens following the caravan is much larger than usual, about the size of a small dog. it hovers for a while and then flies off.
Kelda asks if there is anything we need to know about her homeland
- when an ulfan is angry with another they can swear a blood feud against them, the king has decreed you must wait a week for the blood to cool before starting the feud.
large gnomish community, many varky live in the city (from artic area), a few tians there as traders.
we continue toward the bridge sandru mentioned again, as we approach the bridge there are two more caravans we come across, we buy stuff they move on.
we hear sounds coming from below the bridge, ulfan raiders are decending on our caravan. appears to be about 40 of them.
Inititatives – Fighting
cast burning hands
cast magic missle
cast burning hands
cast magic missle
cast magic missle
kelda advises us not to destroy evidence (arm rings bearing sigil of their leige lord)
we pile the bodies back on the boat “viking funeral” and send it down river toward karlsguard
as we draw near the city sandru asks to speak with us
- he says when we reach the city he would like to take the caravan to the bone quarter.
we arrive at the city after a few more days. 35,000 people live in karlsguard.

Thyrie tarnarlsdottir – famous scald, brilliant poet, well known for her use of kennings and undefeating in drinking contests. in the fire quarter

horn quarter is populated by farmers, southern end is home to apiaries (more resilient than regular bees)

ice quarter is the commercial district, inn kelda suggested (owner named tosty finehall) – we secure lodging here, we chat with innkeeper for awhile, he tells us a flaming longship came through town on the river and passed onto the ocean. Ever since some shadowy figures has been askin questions about who killed them.

ivory quarter is home of ulfan merchant houses and guilds, organize expedititions throughout the lands of the linorm kings and up into Tian lands
jade quarter where tian population live, fusion of minkai and other cultures, also where varkys live
oak quarter center of cities woodworking, dry docks
stone quarter, where blacksmiths live, temple to torag.
walls between quarters are used as highways by the cities law and order.

Lots of opportunities for shenanigans.

sword swishen – purchased by prince

the perfumery – archive of curiosities, from all across the lands tian in general proprietor Madam Kai, just have to be respectful and charismatic to be shown everything.

in the stone quarter – many residents are scholars of the ulfan tradition (oral histories) also where the magic items are sold

the temples maintain their own archives – largest is temple to torag

the rheinrunners guild is largest merchant guild in the city they will have records

Final Battle for Brinewall Castle
Dungeoneering, loot & visions


go down into dungeon past the kitchens. several footprints.
kitchen has door that leads off to dining room we already investigated, one leading west swollen shut. other leading down into deeper dungeon area, we go there first (eastern door)
hallway, not a lot of dust, opens after a few feet into a squarish room probably a pantry at some point. heavy oak shevles on the walls, currently house collestion of dead giant centipedes. rummaging among them is the ogre “Slugwart”

at enameled curtains, enameled woman blue skined woman “pharasma” goddess of death, volo guesses we are about to enter a crypt – I cast detct magic – something magical on the other side of iron curtain – concentrate on object, first detect presense of magic, then detect a single moderate aura of magic, not sure what school
the crypt/funeral/temple seems to be in disarray there is a snowglobe floating mists off to one side.
-volo knows there shold be a altar of sorts
looks to be thoroughly looted
as we pass through the iron curtain as a group there is a flash of light near where the altar should be an image of the woman depicted on the curtain appears asking “please put my shrine to rights” there is a space where an altar should be, there is no altar present. the open desecrated sarcophogai are also an afront to the goddess, we begin closing the lids takes bout 30mins to close them all.
we walk to the edge about a 20ft drop, cavern is fairly substantial, the blue lady speaks once more before we head down, she says the amulets we seek are below but protected by pwerful wards, also we cannot go with our armor or weapons.
caleb climbs down the rope, he is standing on a ledge – surrounded by floating lights, very disorienting – another drop ahead more cavern, looks for traps, he continues looking sees possible staglamite/tites, etc. after another 30mins of work we finish the altar etc.
tesara casts detect evil one aura located through the snowglobey area. caleb sees tentacles rising from the cavern below him, the creature is some kind of aberation that floats in the air on bat like wings, looks like an insect, has face tentacles – volo is pretty sure it’s some kind of feind.
unholy blight cast on volo, tesara & tamika – will saves (failed) -20 hitpoints
tesara casts smit evil – shots evil outsider bane arrow CRIT HIT – 42pts of damage
cast magic missle
aaahhhh!!! poisoned tesara
We win!!! Pillage the loot
We found the medallions, to open the vault. Amiko is pleased.
We decide to open the wooden door that was swollen shut. see three washing bins in the walls (laundry room) terrible. purple capped mushrooms? leave it be.
We move onto the vault. Amiko insists on coming with us Calda comes as well.
Caleb & Amiko put the medalions in at the same time open the portcullis – we hav calda stay behind so the portcullis does not close behind us.
we go down a hallway to a room with door to the SW. as we enter the room the dust in the room swirls into the image of a handsome Tien man, his katana held before him. there appears to be a definite family resemblance to Amiko. we push Amiko forward saying “talk to him, talk to him”
the spirit says “grandaughter is that you? I know you” he reaches his arms in anger “ahhhhhhh!” “take the seal away, it is no longer safe here, take it away I am no longer worthy of guarding it” (pointing at a wall) secret door, we direct amiko to open it.
a chamber carved out of the stone, contains 3 identical dark wood chests, as Amiko approaches the central chest opens slightly
detect magic (transmutation, abjuration, some off the charts contains all the schools at once)
Amiko goes to the center chest and pulls out a small contaner in tien style beautifuly made, must be te box mentioned in the letter, looks like it is made out of a reddish hued dark wood engraved on it is a dragon in the eastern style.
Amiko opens the box, and the room blacks out, we experience a vision, followed by another, and another, and another, and another, after they pass we understand them completely, we know amiko is the last surviving heir to the empire. as the visions fade we each have our own visions . . .
our eyes open we are back in brinewall castle each reacting to what we saw.
one of 5 royal seals of Minkai a “Minor artifact” (daily alotment of 5 spells)
see appendices
we check the other chests for traps, do not see any.
1 chest holds ruby staff soft orange wood & short bow eastern style 5ft long
other holds – short blade small blackened through some alchemical process, the baton is short & thick, simple iron shaft with tien characters, amulet is large peridot.
below the items in the chest are scrolls appear to be descriptions of these items.
see appendices
we leave the castle and check on spivy as we leave she comes with us
we return to caravan – sandru is awake, he remembers a voice in his head telling him things he didn’t understand.

Flying & Fighting
Conquering Brinewall Castle


Spivy cast “spell of flight” on me to scout overhead the castle. Can see the courtyard, gatehouse, main keep. . . notice there is a tower on the North end of the keep nestled against the cliff leads down to sea, taller than rest of castle.

creature comes out onto balcony, leaps into the air following me. creature lloks like a woman with wings & bird like claws for feet. (wings are tattered) wild look about her. she flys up toward me but as she get closer she makes a gesture with her arms, does not seem threatening. gestures toward the balcony she came from.

we land on balcony, room inside is lined with bookshelves, a large nest of grass branches, wooden door in wall and flight of stairs leading down, she tries to touch me, i speak to her in common, she has a bow with arrows and a pouch that detect as magic. I allow her to touch me, in my head she speaks to me in my mind, my name is zaiobi, asks if I am one of the adventurers, she tells me her story. she arrived here several months ago, there is a sacred sight in the keep for the demon she has had visions of to complete a mission. she cannot find the site alone, offers to help defeat the shapeshifter but would need an introduction. believes my friends are down the stairs

she leads the way down the stairs to a room with what appears to be a writing desk, and we hear voices down the hall and meet up with my friends. she wants to defeat Kikonu, she suggests an ambush outside.

zaiobi can contact him telepathically. caleb knows she is a harpy.

we agree to set a trap.

we hear a sound of battle down the hall, “let’s check this out”
- we see 2 lizard creatures coming up from below, followed by a teenager with no clothes and a ulfan barbarian woman.
initiatives cast magic missle

we meet morovan (intros all around)
they came from the dungeons below
there are still rooms we have not explored.

we set the ambush in the courtyard, stealth checks
zaiobi will contact him telepathically, she is still a little wiggy to us . . . we wait.
after a while the doors to the great hall open and Kikonu comes out in his human form.
he says “ah zaiobi, I knew you would take me back lover . . .”
she says “yes i couldn’t stay away from you Kikonu . . .” even though we hear her voice her lips werent moving.she shakes her head furiously and flys into the air (the signal to attack)
cast magic missle
kikonu is angry – transforms into red faced creature
cast bungle

continue to clear the upper rooms that are unlocked.
room the corby cleric was heading for.
hold volo back to continue searching the temple area? shrine to Desna, needs reparation. start setting it to rights.
tesara finds a footlocker in a corner – contains stash of magic

nothing of note in library where the nest was.

nw of dining room in what used to be a guard post – battle took place here probably decades ago. stairs in room lead down. walls shreik at us (a haunt – volo takes care of it)

we head downstairs into another room, old tapestrys depicting a seaside castle, the air is musty gashes/slashes to the stone itself. staircase leading back up, one leading down. doors hanging askew on south wall open into small bedroom, all furniture lays in shambles (several scattered papers, letter describing attack on brinewall castle) any senses going on? vibes? atmosphere is a little aprehensive.

start going down staircase into darkness.iron portcullis barring passage, two 5" diameter depressions on either side of portcullis one with depiction of sun other with moon. (dungeoneering check) – need the right amulets to open portcullis
we head back up see in the captains quarter an iron door, leads back to great hall.

head down stairs back to where movo came from. 1st room – mess hall . door to NE lead to kitchen south leads back to dungeon, east hasn’t been back that way, north lead to secret passage to the sea, west door is swollen shut with moisture.

spend night in great hall, get to know one another better. monk flirts with barbarian and amiko. amiko eventually says “thanks but no thanks”
I chat with amiko about sandru, she thinks he is interested but it is complicated. she was in a relationship with his brother and she doesn’t want to say much more, but i get the idea that the relationship with his brother didn’t end well. (she asks me not to mention this to sandru) she believes the vault we want is behind the portculis. she is also wondering if there is some kind of kami sent curse on sandru, why did it happen to him rather than her (with all due respect to sandru, he’s a white person).

On to Brinewall
Caravan troubles, new friends & enemies


heading north out of sandpoint towards lost settlement of brinewall. excitement brews on the caravan. going north along lost coast road, etc. avoiding major towns and trading ports. Sandru – “not to keen on anyone finding out our business.” “frankly our returning to town with all that treasure could have attracted unwanted attention”
the further north we travel the less used the roads become – overgrown only used once per year-ish. upon nearing brinewall the roads become more and more disused people tend to steer clear.

back in brinewall hayday was an easy port to reach northern lands of the linorm kings (nordic country) . . . meet southbound caravan carrying goods from the north.

learn tien language from Amiko – the language she speaks is a dialect of Tien called Tien-men – practice making characters.
Amiko read & re-reads the letter we found attempting to find anything of note.
Sandru appears to be getting worse – sickly. Volo is checking him out. No physical cause found. continue on the caravan. his condition continues to worsen on the 15th day of journey as we turn toward brinewall he slips into unconciousness. he starts babbling every now and then in Tien language (he doesn’t speak tien) “birds that cannot fly” “one treasure two seals” “beware the cuckolded cuckoo”
amiko hasn’t heard of anything like this in all her bardic lore.
inventory sandru’s several magic items (weapons etc.) – none of tien make.
- being controlled by a powerful lawful outsider (a Kami, spirit of the land)
- Amiko has heard of Kami; spirits of a particular place, rules they have to follow layed down by the tien gods, Volo – casts know thy enemy “laws of golden perfection” (limit the direct interaction with mortals) – possessing a mortal should break those laws; a type of spell could work but I don’t know them yet.

making our way to brinewall with amiko – shaeleu takes command of caravan (possibly elven military at some point?)

turn off road toward brinewall; about 100 yards west of track we find old signpost “to brinewall” a trail fades away into undergrowth. must go on foot. damn pony! several hours later trudging through undergorwth we see a ruined village up ahead. above the village on a hill backed by the sea a ruined castle (must be brinewall) large keep/bastion surrounded by a curtain wall, does not look intact, crenalations have collapesed; roof may have fallen in in some places. Village: below castle, several ruined building, looks like a trail leading up to castle frm village, overgrown trails leading into village from different dirctions. possible light house on bluff by sea. maybe ruined port, some old ruined piers on outcropping. closest to us looks like a walled (rod iron decorative/useless) cemetary, from what we can see most buldings in village appear ruined.
all seems quiet besides bird/animal noises.
sweep village on way up to keep: as we approach we do see most of the buildings are in ruined (50+years) overgrown, fallen roofs, etc.
cemetary: strange, it appears well kept, weeded, gravestones are clean, out of the ordinary compared to the rest of the village
detect magic nothing glowing
cemetary gates flanked by goddess desna – in very good condition,
step into cemetary detect evil none apparent
detect undead – none apparent
nothing of note appears clean and well kept – contains 40-50 graves large crypt: contains founder of brinewall – small shrine to desna holding copper bowl holding water detects slightly magic, abjuration
Kaleb drinks water from the bowl – normal tasting, nothing happens. as we talk about removing the bowl we hear a small voice “hey wait, hey wait, leave that alone”
tiny creature flys up on butterfly wings, green hair, rainbow in air floating behind it. from the upper plains – has been taking care of place – she is a Lyrician (kind of azada, chaotic good, divine servant of desna) warning about bowl, turns water into holy water 1x/day – warns about bad guys in the castle; hesitant to meddle with kami, does not think she can do anything to help out friend, possibly could talk to it. make deal to take care of the bad at the castle, and she will help with Sandru if she can and will help if we get hurt as well, her name Spyvi. we bid her farewell on way to castle

go through village on way to keep – glass blowers attracts Amiko’s attention (same floor plan as glass blowers back in sandpoint) was indeed a glassworks, look for completed with makers marks – much like name plates from ships has mark in tien and common (Kaijistu Glassworks) – stories vary about what happend (everyone left, all were killed, etc). contiuing toward the keep very cautious/alert, see smoke rising from keep and other castle buildings
approaching castle gate house – stone structure houses 2 massive wooden gates-closed-don’t see any other ways to enter, no sentinals on curtain walls, checking for other doors (no secret doors) Kaleb – knowledge postern gate? – Kaleb climbing wall attempts successful, top of curtain wall/gatehouse, gives us a hush sign/possible danger sign, peek down through murder hole, see 2 bird creatures, black feathers, raven/crow head, not flying, muscular arms, 1 looks up and sees him!! “Corbis”?

initiatives fighting!!!!
perceptions – victory over gatehouse guards, actions not un-noitced, towers have guards atop them. 1 begins squacking very loudly!! door to stable opens giant spider comes out!! roar!! attacking spider dealing damage to spider another monster comes out one of the dreaded “Eddercaps”? Kaleb hits good!

Great Hall – banners on the walls, thick stone pillars, throne carved to look like castle towers coiled with dragon. seated on it is a Wild-eyed Tien man with long red nose – in front of him stand 4 of the giant bird creatures. Bird creatures appear to be talking, "you took my wings you . . . "
When man on throne notices us he invites us to witness his “latest and greatest masterpiece”
inititatives fighting!!!!
Amiko casts charm person – no affect
guy on throne transforms into creature with bird face wings red scary
Amiko casts unseen servant one of the banners starts moving around like something is tugging on it.
Bad guy casts dimension door WTF he’s gone!!!

walls covered with heralding tapestries, searching room, checking doors (sturdiness?) chairs, throne, not a lot of furnishings in here.

head for cemetary, barring exit are 3 more bird creatures!
initiatives fighting!!!!
paladin shots bow! Hit!


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