Salem Jade Regent

Boarding Parties & Meeting Angels


we take the wagons from the farm avoiding the party on the road heading toward farm and make for spear-shaker point.

cutting across country in a wagon at night, we have to slow to maneuver around obstacles. we see a camoflagued warrior rising from the bush.
- we recognize her as uksaka; she led us to the farm in the first place.
- she tells us assvigs warriors are running around like crazy people. “what happened on the raid” she informs us the funeral will be postponed due to weather (her father’s sister was a wind whisperer and some of the gift has come to her)
we near the point, and a thick fog is rolling in as Uksaka said.
- we overhear plans to post guards on the ship
Uksaka can show us how to use kayaks and sneak aboard after the boat is launched.
we stay near the boat but will wait for nightfall – we send kaleb to see what is going on. there are about 3 dozen warriors, some working on a platform on deck, also stking a large pile of wood.
we meet Uksaka at the agreed point, the fog should start to lift soon, the boat will pass this point and we can sneak aboard (gives each of us a clay token with a songbird on it – once we rescue Ulf we can give the token to the priest at the temple of shelen and he will take us to the safe house uksaka sets up in town)
we set off in the boats
kaleb notices something in the water, and a huge shark-eating crab comes up out of the water,
cast magic missle
run away scardy crab!!
we get to the long ship and board. – deck is empty except for a shrouded figure in front of mast surrounded by stacked wood. leather sack atop of a lamp oil filled urn. we remove the leather sack to stop the fire from starting. kaleb opens hatch, and climbs down
detect magic – getting a read on something down below with aura of divination
kaleb – hps down into the hold, cramped space occupied by treasure and rowig benches, hears a faint moaning. (anyone med size or larger will be squeezed) – creature encrusted by barnacles with an eye patch – snori stone-eye – cursed. funeral was not voluntary.
we defeat him gettingall items of value
ninjas board the ship
cast magic missle
escape burning ship
very little leads to go on.
- jade statues taken from ninjas
- suishen? Ulf? were both in the possesion of assvig – need to retrace steps?

Requestion the warriors we have in custody.
- they don’t know a lot. what about Assvig’s sons?
- they tell us the boat that raided our caravan was not stolen it was rented.
- tells us the jade/raven is the symbol of a local theives guild (frozen shadows)

Go to priest at temple of shelen – in the fire quarter
we deliver assvigs platinum armband to Fynn Snaevald to fulfill his blood vengance. he is ecstatic. he is surprised assvig didn’t have the sword. he doesn’t know where to find the theives guild.
- as we leave we are accosted by an Ulfan warrior with a white beard. “you killed by dog, my best hunting dog, I demand weirguild, 50gp” – Gorvald timberson
- “I swear a blood fued against you”
cast dancing lights
we finally knock him unconcious. take him with us temple to get directions to the safe house.
as we round the corner to get to the shrine, we hear the crash of tumbling masonry, the shrine we are going to tumbles into the street. as we get nearer the shrine we see the collapse was not accidental.
tamika sees the raven with red feathers on the roof of a building accross the way.
earth elemental is what is destroying the temple, we defeat it
- the winged helmet claps and talks to me – its an angel!! it will give us what aid it can. it flutters into the temple, and we can continue to speak inside. we compare notes with the priest and the angel helmet.
- the priests name is Yin Po, the elemental appeared moments before we arrived.
- the helm’s name Helgarval, servant of Desna, stranded here when it’s master died, trying to do good deeds to hopefully return to elysium, was drawn here due to the goings on of the frozen shadows guild.

- Gotti Runecaster (the raven is the familiar of him)-he possibly works for frozen shadows
- local spellcaster (appears to be a young woman/head of rhinerunners guild)

We show the priest the clay tokens he takes us behind the temple to an alley, and leads us to a secret door, but says “this isn’t right, this door has been opened” we walk down into the cellar but Uksaka is no where to be seen. she has been abducted by unknown agents.

large black feather seen (much larger than the red feathered raven we saw before), blow gun dart appears to be dipped in poison (not sure what kind),



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