Salem Jade Regent

Ravenscrag Take 2

2nd trek into the Crag


We exit ravenscrag without further problems. go back to base camp to rest and get prepared.

when we get back to base camp – shaeleu saw Kelda on the road and brought her back to base camp, tells us her family farm was torched by men in black pajamas (ninjas). “word around town is we were headed this way”

while we are resting shaeleu reports a pair of trolls and a couple humans walking along the road to ravenscrag. looked like they knew where they were going. they will be ahead of us when we go back to ravenscrag. there were only 2 trolls and 2 humans. finish rest without news of the trolls.

cast mage armor on moro and myself

we return to ravenscrag. we make it up the stairs. the doors are closed and there are trolls guarding the door outside.
we win!!

Door to great hall is closed, remnants of heavy wooden bar chopped up on other side of door (kaleb did this).
we open the door easily. – many doors on either side of room and balcony above (cloak room & armory up on balcony level.)
3 doors on either side of room. stairs leading up to alchemical labratory.

1st left door – guard room, empty save broken piles of rock and ruble.
2nd left door – numerous bed frames, does not appear to have been used recently can house as many as 12.
3rd left door – another barracks, numerous beds, several personal items scattered around. on shelf on west wall there are 8 jade raven statuetes.door leading to south in this room. did not see this from great hall.
(south facing door) – opens to crammed corridor leading north under great hall used as a closet of some sort (portable forge, smiths tools) a another door leading into another room at other end appears to be a food pantry can feed 40 people for about a month. door back into great hall from this room facing the barracks door we entered.
2nd right door – another barracks 10 sleeping pallets, much neater, iron trap door in the floor near the east wall. (trap door – appears to be a coal shoot, very cramped if we tried to go down it. – only about 1’ wide)
1st right door – another guard room.

head back to alchemist lab – scorched all out. stairs lead up from that room – there is a secret door in this wall (shaeleu points out). sandru “i loose keys alot” opens the door.
- a crammed cell dug out into side of mountain. clothing looks like that of a merchant. volo guesses has been dead for a few days, not able to tell cause of death. search the body, find documents determine he is Lute Hagersly, recently elected to the rhinerunner’s guild shareholders. the rest of the cell nothing of value.

we head up the stairs, we arrive at a dark landing only lit by the light above, a steep narrow spiral stair rises 20ft above. beyond the landing we cannot make anything else out. looks like to another landing and a door in ceiling with light spilling out of it. shaeleu says looks like the tower is incomplete. no secret doors we can see.
up to the next landing, equally dark. above we see daylight spilling from room up next 20ft of stairs.

Moro heads up stairs into room about 20ft square – windows open to elements make room cool, fireplace, 6 cots around, a cuple other doors open to the north. wooden ladder to trap door in ceiling. high above the long haul atop theh towwer.
shaeleu says “wait I hear something”
initiatives – Tengu Ninja appears next to Moro!
more ninjas! 3 ninjas! they die!!
- moro and amiko are taking con dmg –
ok they dead!
in the 2 doors are a raven’s nest for a large raven . . .
- no wizard’s familiar can cast the type of spells this had.
- no indication it was a shapeshifter.



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