Salem Jade Regent

Ravenscrag Take 3

Storming the dungeon


heading back to base camp to rest and restock items. retreive the body of the large raven. (volo wants to bury it)

(crafting? need to get parts)

Ulf, suishen, uksaka, unaccounted for. Must rescue!

We go back up to the cliff and to the alchemists labratory and down to the dungeon.
- recalling the general layout of dungeon we have observed so far.
- going through the water room through the door at the other end.
two large barrels with water, small cask of sake, we took holy water sprinkler.
kaleb previously checked door for traps it was locked
mage armor 2x on myself & moro
kaleb disable device – unlocks the door.
smaller chamber from solid rock, another well in this room. does not seem to be any winch, chain or bucket – just a hole in the floor. – in corner there is a pile of various wooden debris, remants.
as we open the door and stick our heads into the room a flash of light comes from the opening in the well.
kaleb cautiously steps into the room the shadows above him appear to be moving.
creatures cannot be to large only a few feet in size.
cast light on a pebble and hold it out to Moro.
kaleb slings up at it, it does not hit.
Moro throws the light rock into the room. sees four creatures look like stingrays with tentacles
down the well – SUISHEN!!!! We retreive the sword!
“It talks!!”
“It has been holding it’s silence for 50+ years”
Gives us several bits of information.
The sword tells us about himself
- “I am a Katana”
- “Ancestral blade of the Amatsu family”
- "Serve as advisor, spiritual guide
“I’m a potent magic item
- burst into flame
- deflect foes blades
- can detect amatsu scions
- extremely powerful personality
- can domineer most mortals, as long as you do not prove unworthy he will not try to take control of you
- What he likes best is drawing the blood of the Oni.
- do not fear the heat of the desert or the cold of the artice
- 3x day daylight
- enable wielder to walk on air
Use “Identify” wand

head back to the path with the plank over the stream and a bell
- stream is about 7’ deep 9’ across
- Moro jumps across the stream and maneuvers the plank into position for us to cross
- we cross the stream easily

continuing down the passage, the temperature increases, we come to a room that looks like a coal cellar, a coal furnace burns in the far corner. 3 beds on te floor by the fire.
skeletal remains are
standing amongst the bedding are the 2 trolls we saw getting water.
BLUFF – trolls run out to protect the Keep!
we search the room – 50 amethysts

continue down the hallway to a door, looks like a heavy door made of teak wood.
Kaleb checks door for traps, locks
- no traps, it is locked, easier to pick than breakdown,
- unlocks the door
Kaleb opens the door,
into a grand chamber, teak panelling lines the floor and walls,
room lined with columns, banners written in tien, combat proverbs relevant to ninja,
Surprise round!!
4 Ninjas hiding in the rafters
cover from rafters, concealment from shadows, to Ulfan to Tian,
-throw thunderstones at moro and kaleb,
Deafened for 1 hour
20% miscast with verbal elements
Boss Ninja
“Loot the Bodies!!”
Search behind each of the doors!
- most doors open into cells, and small shrines dedicated to tien deity of assasins.
- under the mat in one cell is a Jade statuete (50gp)
Door where boss ninja came from
- contains painted screen bearing clouds and mountains (200 gp art object)
- small leather trunk behind screen – traps? = no traps; find a few things in trunk; peasants clothing, ornamental blow gun (100gp art object); “Fake writ from Linorm King giving bearer authority”
- the last cell appears unoccupied
- secret door in south wall-reveals corridor carved from stone rock-Kaleb notes the corridor is of newer construction leads to some stairs going down.
leads to another corridor and a small room occupied by 6 Zombies
killed zombies
opened small door off room,
“Who disturbs Gotti Runecaster?!”
We knock him unconcious and tie him up for questioning.
- Where are Ulf and Uksaka
- He works with thorborg Silverskorr, he is her arcane advisor.
- she is further down the hall.
- what was he summoning?
- tie him up bound and gagged blindfolded

leave the room, secret door in opposite wall
trap set off – flame strike – reflex save 1/2
trove of valuables
chests overflow with gold & silver ornaments, cold, etc,
lots of goodies
bins & stacks
a whiff of smoke from a huge chest at end of room
inside – limbs of humanoids alchemical compound in bottom giving off cold stuff.
little magic – one chest in corner of room emenates some magic
- 2 potions cure light wounds
- +1 longsword
Lots & lots of Money!!
3 chests (50lbs each) worth 2100 gp each
5 crates 100 copper trade bars (5gp each) 10lbs each
1 crate 20 silver trade bars (50gp each) 10lbs each
Come back to get this after clearing remainder of dungeon



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