Rules Homework 1

Suggested rules to read before next week’s game:

The description of your class. Make note of any Archetypes you might be interested in. If you are interested in an Archetype, please mention that to the DM.

The rules for actions in combat. I actually suggest printing out the table for reference. Understanding these rules will help you make good decisions about what to do.

The rules for the spells detect magic and detect evil – these spells are powerful but have very specific limits. I made some mistakes in how I handled these in our last session. First, I should have not have said the goblin Rendwing was evil specifically. His aura would not have been powerful enough to register. Second, I thought detect magic was blocked by 1" of wood when it can actually penetrate up to 3’.

Rules related to ranged attacks and cover – note that creatures provide soft cover from ranged attacks and that making a ranged attack at a creature in combat with your allies incurs a -4 penalty. These two penalties can combine for a -8 penalty on your ranged attacks! If you plan on engaging primarily in ranged combat, you should get the following feats ASAP: Precise Shot, Deadly Aim, and Improved Precise Shot.

Rules Homework 1

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